Wednesday, 12 September 2012

It always happens to me.

As you may or may not be aware,my daughter,grandson and me were due to go on holiday to Scratby,a small place just up the road from Great Yarmouth.We didn't expect much,we had only paid £100 for five nights(usual price is £135 for 7 nights) just a little chalet not to far from the beach an onsite clubhouse for the evenings and shared indoor pool with the neighbouring site.
We arrived about 11am and noted that the site looked 'tired' but not awful,we unlocked the door to the chalet and we were horrified,before we could take up residence the place needed scrubbing,door handles and cracks needed fixing and the radiator needed reattaching to the chalet wall,rotten out of date food needed throwing away etc etc.
We thought that perhaps we could spend the rest of the first day cleaning so decided to actually drive around the site and look at the clubhouse and shared facilities,I took one look at the clubhouse and the Peterboro' wing of the EDL sprang to mind,worn out St Georges flags on the corners of a decidedly scruffy very small clubhouse advertising sky tv and cheap beer,the shared facilities were not in the stated walking distance and were just as worn out looking as everything else.See this link for some piccies.
We started ringing around,the only place we could find with vacancies was the Vauxhall caravan park in Yarmouth,the price however was £386 for the 5 nights,daughter and I couldn't manage to spare that much and so we rang the woman who owned the chalet to tell her we wouldn't be staying and that we would be returning the key forthwith.She kindly volunteered to refund' some' of our money,I wish I had been the one talking to her instead of my daughter.
My daughters hubby then rang to say he was leaving for Italy(he and his brother were driving there for the grand prix hence the holiday for us)My Daughter got really upset on the phone to him and bless his little socks he promptly used the money he had saved for a casino visit to pay for a stay at the Vauxhall.It turns out that the Vauxhall park is so expensive because they are hosting the Elvis festival 2012.........I really don't like Elvis' music but I had great fun being quietly mean about all the paraphernalia involved in being a fan,handbags,t-shirts,belt buckles,dresses and 70 year olds with jet black hair and winkle pickers....there was a non-Elvis entertainment room there as well so no real problems there,except some kind person gave grandson Rory an Elvis doll and as Rory was sharing the double bed with nanny I also had to sleep with Elvis. Overall this holiday in a caravan has ended up costing £100 a night.......
The tip of the day is to never book a holiday via an individual who is advertising on the internet.

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