Monday, 23 May 2011

Unwell,unemployed and moaney,

Well that did a lot of good,or rather not,all tests come back negative,no leukodystrophies,heritable spastic paraparesis or rare copper metabolism problems,no thyroid or diabetic issues and no neuro-syphilis ,in fact I am perfectly healthy except I don't function properly,it would seem according to docs that I have either an unknown neurological condition or MS that just isn't testing positive.This exciting news means that I can expect absolutely no treatment for the time being,In fact I am currently getting less relief than last week.
I went to my GP to ask again if I can have any help with my seriously debilitating fatigue,she promptly took me off the antispasmodic baclofen as 'they can cause fatigue' I explained I had suffered with fatigue on and off for several years before any other symptoms showed themselves to no avail,I am now fatigued and full of cramps,spasms and spasticity.......
Daughter has gone off to Australia for her year,various members of the family saw her off from Heathrow,Rory and his daddy found a taxi to play in whilst there
she is such a busy bee,instead of having some fun she starts an accounts job Thursday, less than a fortnight after arriving! She has sent back picture of beaches and fruit bats and cockatoos via facebook and hopefully we will be arranging a skype schedule for video calls,don't tell her I said so but I miss her nightly moany phone calls.
Her moggies are well settled now and have arranged a truce with my Lucifer cat,in fact Claude her slightly simple cat has developed a fondness for my crochet blankie in progress and Charley the big ginger and white cat has taken possession of my sheepskin rug.

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