Friday, 3 June 2011

I may be officially a crip now.

Saw neuro today as an urgent GP referral,
I have my baclofen back so less spasms and twitching,I have nothing for the fatigue yet,she has done some more blood tests to rule out a couple more things but says in her heart of hearts she thinks I have secondary progressive MS in my spine ,although she cannot officially diagnose until something shows up in MRI or LP,
I 100 per cent do not have a functional deficit/conversion disorder .
If all these blood tests come back negative we can experiment with antifatigue drugs,but it seems they only rarely work.
I will get an appointment in the post for the bladder clinic(the urgency is bothersome and worrisome),I can get an emergency appointment with her any Friday by getting GP to ring and finally I am to contact social services to see if any help is available and if I need it she will write to dole office etc describing my illness/symptoms etc.

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seasidegirl said...

I don't know what to say, I am so very sorry. I think you've suspected that for a while. Giant hug and I hope they can do something to help the tiredness and the urgency thing.

Take care of yourself. Now you know what may be the problem, time to gather all your resources and use them to get what you need, from treatments to benefits. make sure the doctor writes that letter and keep a copy.

Are you in touch with any support groups?You get a lot of help from people living with the same problems xxxx