Sunday, 19 June 2011

Dear Prime minister,

You have this really, really wrong.
When the milk snatcher was in power and destroyed British industry a result was huge swathes of the populace unemployed,to massage the numbers, in an attempt to keep at least some voters, everyone who had ever had a backache or earache or some simple but ongoing medical thing was put on the sick,my next door neighbour being a prime example,for 20 years too sick to work yet owns steel toecapped boots and safety visors and is still seen and reported for "visiting my friend at his unit" He has somehow and still is on the sick,yet able to build 12 foot long sheds and ride a full on motorbike unaided and go off painting and decorating peoples houses for them.
I can now only walk no more than about 50 metres if I have someone to hold onto or my grandchilds pushchair as a walking frame,I have fatigue,which doesn't mean I am sleepy it means I am asleep for 16 to 18 hours every day.
I, after just one month on the sick with a degenerative though not terminal illness,have already had the form from ATOS,I am about to have to start job hunting,the form is written so that unless you have no arms, legs or mouth you can and will work.If I don't go to meetings at the job centre or go for interviews I will then have my benefits cut off.However,there is no direct public transport to the town where the jobcentre is,even if there were I cannot walk to the village bus stop or from the bus station to the job centre in town.The cost of a taxi there and back would use over half of my weeks incomeThe government are also going to cut my housing benefit as my house is now considered underoccupied.So from my 67 quid a week I will be paying £10 a week water, £10 a week electric, dog knows what in rent  and in the winter I will have to stay in bed to keep warm as coal will be just too expensive now.My phone line will have to go I suspect as BT like to not only charge the earth they also like to charge me extra for being poor and unable to pay in advance by direct debit.Before anyone suggests it,I am not qualified for any sort of desk job,if I were it would have to be within a few feet of a loo and transport and have no stairs,I cannot move house as I have been downgrading jobs for years with odd unexplained problems and I have no savings whatsoever.Dear David Cameron and that traitor Clegg,is this what you mean when you say all in this together ? you jumped up, never entered the real world,twats.


grubby macmacintosh said...

well said. There about 120,000 people in the UK with a similar problem.
Please ....
copy this blog and send it to your MP, your local paper, or wherever.
This is a classic case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
It is also worth mentioning that ' That Woman ' has brought some really good people into the world, who are contributing main stream to our economy. And this is how we care for people who actually need help.
This government and the whole WESTMINSTER VILLAGE is a total disgrace to the human race.

seasidegirl said...

It's outrageous and terrifying. Good luck and don't give up